ThunderFormat – Book Formatting

ThunderFormat provides only limited formatting at this time. I may elect to expand this service in the future, based on author demand.

Meanwhile, should you need formatting other than the basics I currently offer (detailed below), I will be happy to pass along my recommendations to you regarding other providers.


What I Currently Offer

Scenario #1:) E-Book Formatting

For self-published authors who need a professionally appealing e-book, I can place your manuscript into a master “galley” file, as well as create multiple files suitable for uploading to vendor websites such as Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Google Play, etc. for an e-book release.

Please supply me with any essential information you would like included in your book…

– A list of your previously released book titles, if any
– An author bio
– Any book dedications or acknowledgments you want included
– Your ISBN or ASIN number
– Any additional copyright information, such as cover design, cover art, etc. along with the exact name you would like included when it comes to the copyright for the manuscript itself (ie. your real name vs. a pen name or a company name)
– A list of any other essential information you want included within the final galley, including blurbs or teasers for other books you want advertised at the end of the manuscript
– The final edited manuscript itself (unless I did the editing myself, which means I will already have the manuscript on hand)
– Any photographs (cover art, author photo, publishing company logo, etc.) you want included within the final book file (Please note: some e-book formats are unable to accommodate the inclusion of graphic files)

After I have this information, I will supply you with the “final galley” file in .DOC or .RTF format, and (only if requested) e-book files (and specifically formatted cover art files) for the most popular e-book vendor websites, including Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Google Play, etc.

Scenario #2:) Paperback Formatting

Please supply me with all of the information listed in the above scenario, but also supply me with the paperback dimensions you instructed your printer to use. Once I have that information, I will not only supply you with the “final paperback galley” file in .DOC or .RTF, but also a .PDF version, which is the file accepted by most printers for paperback release.



So, if you are a self-published author interested in having a book formatted for either e-book or paperback, please visit my ThunderPrices page for cost information, then email me with the details I mentioned above. At that time, I’ll be able to check my availability and we can work out a deadline.

Should you have any questions or need clarification regarding the current formatting services, please email me and I’ll be happy to supply you with more information.


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