Portfolio 1

The various portfolio pages contain only a small sampling of the 3,000+ cover designs I’ve completed over the past 15 years. I’ve attempted to show covers in a wide array of styles and in numerous genres.

med_Boundless med_Placeless
med_Torn med_ImitationLife
med_ChaseAce med_LondonCalling
med_Tame med_50Ways
med_Catastrophe med_SaintsMadmen
med_HighRisk med_TiesThatBlind
med_WhyILoveGeeks med_WhyILoveWaiters
med_SecretConfederacy med_FourOClock
med_TextualAttraction med_KillerWolfsClothing
med_DecemberPromise med_IdrielsSin
med_PasDeDeux med_IndefiniteStay
med_BringHeat med_BalthazarStarblitz
med_HalfDozenFools med_WalkingMidnight
med_BloodPond med_BloodPondResurfacing
med_Pieces med_WildHorses

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