ThunderArt – Book Covers

ThunderArt provides covers for e-books, paperbacks, and hardback books on a freelance or contract basis. Give your book the professional appearance it deserves, at affordable prices!

To see a small sampling of my cover designs throughout the years, please visit my ThunderArt Portfolio pages. Also view the ThunderBio page to view my overall experience creating covers, the awards I’ve won for my cover designs since I started, etc.



How The Process Works

I create covers using “Photo Manipulation” techniques (in other words, I do not draw anything from scratch). Generally speaking (in approximately 99% of all cover designs) I use stock photography as a starting point, yet authors are also free to submit their own photos for me to include—if appropriate—in the final cover design.

But as mentioned, since 99% of all cover designs begin with stock photography, here is how the process works.

Before contacting me to do a cover, decide what scenario is best for you…

Scenario #1:) You supply me with general descriptions regarding the type of book and what you want on the cover. This includes…

– Book Format (ie. E-Book, Paperback, Hardback and the Cover Dimensions required. Note, if the book will also be in Paperback or Hardback, I will also need the exact spine dimensions, bleed space dimensions, and (for Hardback only) side flap dimensions
– Book Title
– Book Series (and Book Number, if appropriate)
– Author Name (exactly as it should appear on the final cover)
– Genre
– Back cover copy, along with any additional graphics, such as bar code or company logo
– Spine copy, along with any additional graphics such as company logo
– Side Flap copy for both front and back, along with any additional graphics required such as an author photo, etc.
– Final Format(s) Needed (.JPG files, .PDF files, etc.)

Additionally, you will also need to supply me with some more detailed information…

– The type of background you envision on the front cover
– The overall mood or atmosphere you hope to convey (danger, humor, mystery, etc.)
– A description of any characters you wish to include on the cover.

After I have all the basic information, I will hunt for appropriate stock photographs to use. I will most certainly be in contact during this process, either asking you to view copies of photos I believe could work based on the info you provided, or I may do a quick mock cover for you to view. Only after I get your approval of either the photos or the mock cover will I purchase the stock photos used and create the actual cover itself. Afterward, you will be given one opportunity to request changes before I put the final touches on the cover. (Please note: additional changes, depending on how time-consuming they prove to be, could add extra cost to the final product. See further details about what could increase costs on my ThunderPrices page under the appropriate section.)

Once the cover is complete, payment will be due in full, and this will include the cover base price, plus the costs for the stock photography and any extra charges due to those additional changes I mentioned in the above paragraph. (Again, see further details about what could increase costs on my ThunderPrices page under the appropriate section.) Once the payment is received, I will supply you with the final product in the dimensions you required. Additionally, I will supply you with several smaller sizes that you could use for promo purposes, website purposes, whatever. Just let me know what other sizes you need and I’ll be happy to provide them anytime in the future.

Scenario #2:) Instead of supplying me with detailed descriptions regarding the type of background, overall mood/atmosphere, or characters to include, you decide to pick out the stock photographs yourself. In this case, several things need to happen.

Before purchasing any photographs yourself, please check with me first since I may already have the photo(s) within my vast collections of stock photos or I may be able to save you money by locating the same photos at cheaper prices. Therefore, please send me links to the photos you prefer before you purchase them. Also, due to a variety of reasons, some photos simply cannot be manipulated properly or may not fit together. Once I see them, I will be able to tell you what, if anything, may cause problems. Therefore, again, there’s no need to dish out the money for photographs that cannot be used—the rule of thumb is to always check with me first.

Once we decide on the appropriate photos, and you intend to purchase them yourself and provide me with the files, I can tell you which sizes are best before you make any purchases. If you prefer that I purchase and download the photo(s) myself—the first scenario—I will simply add those costs to the base cover design price.



So, if you are an author or a publisher interested in having a cover created for an upcoming book, please visit my ThunderPrices page for cost information, then email me with the details I mentioned on this page. At that time, I’ll be able to check my availability and we can work out a deadline.

Should you have any questions or need clarification regarding the cover art process, email me and I’ll be happy to supply you with more information.


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