ByThunder LLC is a one-stop resource for self-published authors or publishing houses seeking cover art and/or editing services for  manuscripts, as well as promotional graphics for websites or book advertising campaigns.

Trace Edward ZaberTrace Edward Zaber, ByThunder’s owner, is an award-winning book cover artist. Over the course of 15 years, he has created more than 3,000 book covers in both e-book and paperback formats and for every genre imaginable. His cover art won the Spectrum Award for “Best Overall Cover Art 2001,” and the 2004 Quasar Award for “Best In Category – Suspense/Thriller” and twice in 2005 for both “Best In Category – Horror” and “Best In Category – Mainstream” and, again, twice in 2007! In March 2007, he walked away with his second Quasar trophy for “Best Overall Cover Art.” Most recently, in 2015, he was named a finalist in EPIC’s Ariana contest for another of his covers.

Trace is also an experienced editor and copy-editor, who has worked as both Editorial Director and Creative Director for professional e-book publishing companies such as Amber Quill Press and RFI West, and has also edited manuscripts on a freelance basis for self-published authors, with hundreds of books to his credit. He is also an award-winning author of both novels and short stories.

In 2000, Trace’s debut novel, Sins of the Father, won Word Weaving’s first-ever “Award For Literary Excellence,” and it was nominated for an EPPIE Award in the Best Historical Fiction category. One Bitter And Deadly Harvest, the first book in Trace’s seven-part Civil War series The Culpeper Chronicles, also received critical acclaim. Moreover, Trace’s stories “Blood Brothers” and “The Collections Of Bethlehem” also garnered several awards and appeared in a Historical Anthology Twilight Antiquity. Another of his stories, “Esprit De Corps,” appeared as part of the award-winning Tales of the Spirit of Hope, Love, and Redemption charitable anthology. He has also written numerous novels and short stories under various pennames.

Additionally, Trace moderated several writers’ critique groups, was a featured author at Barnes & Noble’s Writers’ Harvest 1997, and was the owner/editor of the award-winning Of Ages Past Magazine.

All questions pertaining to any area of this website should be directed to ByThunder LLC.


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