ByThunder Home Page

Welcome to ByThunder LLC, a one-stop resource for self-published authors or publishing houses seeking cover art and/or editing services for manuscripts, promotional graphics for websites or book advertising campaigns, as well as manuscript formatting.

ByThunder LLC specializes in several areas of publishing, including…

– Book Cover Art Design

– Manuscript Formatting

– Website Graphics
– Promotional Graphics

– Manuscript Evaluation
– Content Editing/Copy-Editing Services
– Query Letter Editing/Writing
– Synopsis Editing/Writing
– Ghostwriting Services

Each area of ByThunder LLC has an individual section/page, which can be accessed through the menu at the top (under ThunderServices) and on the right sidebar.

All questions pertaining to any area of this website should be directed to ByThunder LLC.

Many thanks for visiting, and happy writing and promoting!

(NOTE: No publisher, in either print or electronic formats, is affiliated with ByThunder LLC or any of its divisions. All divisions of ByThunder LLC are solely owned and operated by Trace Edward Zaber.)


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